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We are a Family with a Mission


God gave Cowboy Myron Thomas a vision of a Saddle Club for all people. Not a drinking club with horses, like others of today, but a true saddle club that would teach, help, and accept all types of people. This saddle club would bridge the gap that society has placed between people. Cowboy Myron Thomas moved forward with the vision that God had given him & in 2016 Building Bridges Saddle Club was established. The club was started with just a hand full of cowboys and cowgirls that understood, agreed and believed in the vision.


The Cross represents our belief in Christ, everything we do is centered on Christ and through Christ the bridge is made strong. The Bridge between the horses represents the saddle club will use great horsemanship to bridge the gap between all people. Two horses represent the club working together to help keep the bridge up. Bridging the Gap is our motto and what we do.

Our Mission:

Building Bridges Saddle Club is dedicated to bridging the gap in our communities and bringing awareness to unspoken habits that plague our community, our youth, families and our future. Building Bridges Saddle Club strives to meet our motto of “Bridging the GAP”, through Love, Family, Community and Faith. The purpose of Building Bridges Saddle Club is to promote the love and understanding of horses, equine activities, and good horsemanship and just to be an extension of God’s Love for the people. We are a catalyst for change and advocates for our future generation and our elders. We are living in a day and time where we are becoming more and more divided by the color of our skin, gender, age, and ethical values.

The Goal:

Our goal is to bring unity and a sense of acceptance no matter who you are or where you come from. Our goal is to provide opportunities for individuals to participate in group equestrian events with a focus on organized horseback trail riding, community events with a focus on our youth and elder activities.

Building Bridge Saddle Club

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